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Aaron Robinson


Since graduating in Fine Art, I have sought to carve out a particularly idiosyncratic practice that walks the line between expressive portrait painting and other more imaginative and illustrative elements. A masters in Graphic Design that followed reaffirmed my love of illustration, and the increased the blurring lines between traditionally separate artistic disciplines.



My focus is mainly on traditional media. I appreciate the discipline of well crafted art, and have a fondness for expressive figurative painting. Alongside this, I love the style of off-beat graphic design and illustration, which I often try to fuse into my own painting and drawing. 


My work has been published by various clients, as diverse as Penguin Classic, Faber and Faber, IPC Magazines (GQ), Pearson Educational, Chelsea Magazine Company (Artists and Illustrators), Underwood books, Stiff Whiskers Press, Thick Skull Adventures and Shield of Faith Studios. Work has been selected by in competitions including The V&A Illustration Awards, The BP Portrait Award and Spectrum Fantastic Art. 

I am available for commission. Quotes on request. 

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